Let go and trust

Inspirational Lesson

I am a fan of both spiritual teachers, Cesar Millan and Eckhart Tolle. In both their teachings there is a powerful similarity when it comes to oneness, being in the now, balance and energy.

I have a beautiful dog myself who will listen perfectly inside the House and becomes the packleader outside the House. Nomatter how much effort I’ve put in correcting him, it seems a waste of time. Then one day I decided to look up a few Cesar Millan youtube video’s and even though I had seen some of them already, it seems that I had missed out on one important message it is all about how you feel, your vibration, your energy. Your energy is what Dogs are reading. It will tell them if you are a leader or a follower.
All dogs need a stable leader, someone who is in control of the pack or can handle and correct situations while being calm, convincing and present. They always seek balance.
Humans on the other hand are the only kind that are willing to follow unstable leaders, adjust quickly to stress and being out of balance while thinking that it is normal?!

Bobby the Dog

So I decided to take it to the test.

I started out by feeling good about myself! Picturing in my mind that I was Cesar there for a little while.
Putting up a smile came naturally when thinking of the man haha.

I called my Dog, followed some procedures and went outside. While walking I smiled the whole time, picturing that I was Cesar and that we were shooting a new episode for the dogwhisperer,  in front of us was a cameraman and in my mind I repeated the story about Energy, about feeling good about being in the World with confidence. Having a convincing focus on where we were heading!

Something amazing happened:

My Dog walked perfectly beside me. Not pulling the leash once. Not turning towards other Dog’s we encountered. He looked happy and content the whole time during our 40 minutes walk. Not only my Dog responded in a great way but even the people I encountered during the walk smiled back, said Hello or gave compliments about my Dog!

It showed me how important it is to feel good, to focus on where I am going and to be present, calm and alert.

The way we feel is so important! It can really make or break our day. Ever since that moment I found out ways to make me happy, confidence and present before I leave the House. Now our walks are pleasant and when he picks up his old behavior it is a mirror for me to come back into balance or alignment again.

When I do, we switch roles “leader vs follower”

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