Let go and trust

What started out as a 30 days challenge about 8 Months ago, turned into a new Lifestyle.

We turned the TV off for a Month while doing other interesting activities and reading uplifting and inspiring news instead.
What a refreshing journey! Not only did we discovered a lot of interesting, new positive and inspiring news on the Internet, we also felt more
positive and enjoyed Life more by going out of the House, engaging with People, visiting new places and tried out new DIY Ideas.

It all started out with a questioning ” What is the purpose of watching Television daily?”  What is the purpose of being served with mainly negative  News, Horror, War en Terror, Bank Scandals, Unemployment Rates
Financial Crisis and warnings for more misery in the near Future? Does it add something our Lives? Do my loved ones or my environment benefits from it? Does it make me a better person? Is the world a better place to live in?
So called Worldnews served by who? Is that all that is going on in the World?
We could not find any reason whatsoever to continue with this automatic behavior,hanging in front of the TV downloading all the negative data into our brains.
Feeling uncomfortable and sometimes even upset by what we had just seen and apparently can’t do anything about.
It is an addiction! one that we all grew up with. It is so integrated into our daily lives that we believe we cannot do without it.

A little search on the Internet and we find news, brought by people like you and me that reveals another side of the Story, which will never be broadcasted?
Next to that we can engage with topics that are realy of interest to us, we can take control of the incoming information!


You can save the money that you pay your hosting company and start doing fun stuff with it.
Next to that and even more important, you will feel better and you start taking control of the daily input.

Be your own reporter!


Here is what we did:

1. We came up with a list of topics that we would like to read or hear or know more about.

2. We searched the internet on the topics in blog’s, youtube, Ted.com, Pinterest, Forums, Group channels and subscribed to , or followed interesting channels or websites.

3. We looked for books and E-books on the topics

4. We looked for video’s and/or podcasts and again followed them for a while.

5. We visited meetings, workshops and met new people.

6. We both decided to try out different DIY projects, inspired by some blog’s or links on Pinterest.

It is truly LIFE CHANGING!

How about you? I would be delighted to hear what you think?!

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