Let go and trust

The end of suffering

The title is referring to really recognising that the end of suffering in the emotional sense is created by your own mind!

Everything that seemingly happens to us is done by either memories or imagination.   For the large part in life…nothing really happens!

Be brutally honest with yourself and do not demand it from somebody else!

It is our mind and wants, and demands, and form of control and protection and rules and regulations, norms etc. etc. that you have accumulated as “Truth” to which you stick! How many times does your own mind disregard simple things and phrases because it is not suitable now! You are mad, no pissed off! “At who?” “At a thought? oh I see you think it is you? not a accumulation of thoughts and opinions, conclusion… that you as a good child or student embraced very easily.

Well aren’t we all in this field together. Everyone to their own level of understanding? Billions of us! Nomatter keeping up the appearances on the outside?!

If you give your precious attention or focus to that specific subject…..you give it more importance, forgetting that you are sitting somewhere and really looking around you. Right here NOW.

Time Traveling with your Head. Believing that you have a problem that you must think about? Either because of “it needs a solution” or you think about it in a compulsive way “you are that….and you disregard where you are”

Albert Einstein said it clearly ” you cannot solve a problem with the same mind who caused it in the first place!”

YOU! With or without your consciously knowing of your thoughts? It is like a coin with two sides on one side everything is very good and too good to be true and on the other side there is drama and trouble! Take a distance and ……it is your mind….the emotional rollercoaster that certain things needs to be done a certain way! Fixed!

just leave the subject…..stop putting more and more attention into something that goes around and around in endless circles….and if it does not seem that way…..well WHO HAS THAT NATURAL INSTINCT to recognise the circles!


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