Let go and trust

As we worry, we suffer from disturbing thoughts. We tell ourselves stories through thoughts! Most of the time it is about unwanted scenario’s.

Our focus is on the wrong side of the scale. It is upstream (resistance) instead of downstream (go with the flow).

We worry most of the time and even if a peaceful thought comes along, the mind finds a way to criticize that peaceful thought and drags you along the pad of negativity again. There are times however when your worries can feel a bit overwhelming and you would wish there was a way out! Here is how

  • A change of focus would be a good way. Focus on the desired situation and most important on how you want to feel right now.
  • Tell your mind, if it has to be out loud; ” Stop it, we’ve been here before!” “give me something new, something positive!” ……now observe what will happen…….it… gets…. quite…. inside, for a brief moment!

It worked for me and that was the beginning of waking up from the illusion to identify myself with all those thoughts.

There is another great way to snap out of disturbing thoughts and worries and it works all the time! It  comes down to seeing things in the right proportion!

How important and big are your worries?

I would like to challenge you to do the following: Sit down, relax, take a deep breath and watch the movie below. Be sure to watch it all the way until the end. (13.28 minutes) Don’t worry, you will see that LIFE just is! if the sky was only blue and jolly without any contrast it would not be as beautiful. It is all part of life…

Do not worry….this video will not confront you with other stories, it is nature and music…..it is neither good nor bad….it is very neutral.

Well? How important are the stories (worries, scenario’s) inside your head?

What did you experience?

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