Let go and trust

Most Humans in the Western World today spend their whole life conforming to rules and structure from which masks and roles are made of

Throughout life a programm of patterns on how to behave and fit in the ideal system we live in. Their whole (created) identity depends on it. It determines how we think, act, react, feel and perceive the World presented to us. But there is a point in time where every one raises the question “what is this?  Is this all there is?” “Who am I really?” It can be difficult to define, feel and perceive the real “YOU”, your true Nature.

But it can be done! It takes a search underneath all those layers ( masks and roles) of created identities! Distance and look…..at the shapeshifter inside you!

Methods of search

What really defines YOU. Is it impuls driven “now I am hungry, so I am a hungry person” Now I am a funny person….see me laughing and having fun……now I am depressed because of you? shifting shapes….all of the time!

Nothing wrong whit that at all…..but see it and recognise the shapeshifter in you and it will no longer be a closed and defined as “YOU”

Nomatter what it is or on which path you go to search and explore….it is life!

Messages come through everything! In my case through reading books about awakening, search the Internet, attending conferences, listening to podcast and interviews, and look at interesting documentaries, Creating Art, Listening to music and Lyrics.

Like this song from Micheal Bublé called “Everything”

When you look at it from another perspective…..in this music video there is a display of roles in different shapes….but many faces and many masks. Some Are worth taking a picture of and some are strange……we all are “Everything”

Recognizing your true colours!

Recognize your Role

You can recognize the opposite experience when it comes from the trained mind and one of your (many) roles, behavior, your stories, your shaped personality, your separateness, your shaped character, your layers of beliefs.

We look at (for this example) the same thing and start to take it for granted, we label and categorize everything, A conversation, a person, a flower, that animal, a tree, this kind of music. Whatever you are thinking about and how that relates to your patterns is how you will perceive it.

Your mind takes over.  you are scanning the situation and behaviour in good and bad, the object, looking for words and explanation. Then you go ahead and say what came on your mind just now, you are making a point, acting smart, or perhaps not participating at all and thinking about that cup of coffee you are looking forward to in 10 minutes….everywhere but present!

The moment is captured by the mind and turned into something from the past or Future.


Like Yin and Yang, A Coin the up’s and down’s both approaches are part of what we call “Life” because we think that way…..because it seems that way….because we believe our thinking mind.

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