Let go and trust

  • Mind: What is up with all this emotions? You let them past like clouds!
  • Heart: I do not know but I am feeling it….and it hurts so….there must be something true here?
  • Mind: it is all me doing it and I know what is attached there, so let’s not touch that!
  • Heart: but I have heard about releasing the pain and looking into that?
  • Mind: okay….how to say this? Don’t you see that it is a snapshot of all the experience in life you were collecting? Saying goodbye is never easy and it is a emotion attached to that topic you were thinking about! If it is a person or a situation you hold on to….you are thinking about it….right?
  • Mind: Thinking about it and having a constant focus on that…makes me (the mind) open up stuff (archiver) like emotions and feelings attachments and similar situations and down the rabbit hole you are! completely Identified!
  • Mind: because your wish is my comment I will do so accordingly! So if you visit me..(take things personally)…I will open with a big smile and say “come in?”if you do not! You moved on and grown out of this snapshot!
  • Heart: So this is all you? it is just a matter of recognising all these masks and roles I have played in life….they were snapshots? and what I called my lovingly self is also fake? OMG? it is the other side of the coin? one is mind and one is called Heart. but it is actually one and the same?
  • Mind: Yes…..Whenever you bring in past – present – future! It is me! collecting stuff and taking snapshots of everything! Once you are aware of me as a tool….a recourse to help you see this…..it will all fall into place and flow naturally (Not taking anything personal).


The EGO is very cunning and smart and it wants to be seen for what it is! Nothing personal…just a powerful tool! A tool that you have giving your power too.

The only question is……were you conscious of it?

Conscious by taking a step back and realising something really important!

YOU are aware of everything you are getting rid of!  See clearly we….humans….. all deal with this.

Emotions are like passing clouds! Accept fully without defeat that you (whoever you might be at this moment) are the one viewing all of this! you switch back and forward to the view where it is all passing (nothing personal here) to the person who is hurt!

Recognising that switch is a big step into alignment with the nature of you!



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