Let go and trust

Overcoming what has been showed!

When you switch back and forward from being aware to being a person with limited beliefs and thoughts and emotions etc. You will reach a point of “no return”

NOW the person (that is holding on to this) might think he/she lost something valuable.

Awareness is just like it is! ” when you are aware you have seen it for what it is! It was there for showing you something that was deep inside hidden. A temptation maybe and here it goes. You are drawn to this emotion and “wanting” which is coming up to the surface….from the personality and nothing can hold you back anymore!

It is like you are walking on this beautiful road, the sun is shining and you have inner joy and you are aware of everything. Grateful to have distance inside of you. To be able to look at things and a deep knowing that everything is just fine. Pretending that everything is just fine…except for that thing closed…you are aware of that.

And then….the solution to open up comes in…..it began with a thought and people saying ” you need to open up? and it was believed for a little while” Awareness came that it was someones opinion. Inside I felt fine….and I dropped it!

Then another test is coming to see how strong (as a person) you really are to this temptation.

You are curious (the first sign of getting into a person mode) Inside you are aware of something being closed of! Then feelings and emotions are stirred and the person inside of you feels “Great and also confused” (a sign of being a person…in the limited form).

Being attached…..”mine!” Like scooping out water from a flowing river into a cup and hold it there! “not aware that the water becomes the cup”. It is like resisting the flow and change of things! Like saying to a tree “so it is fall and you are dropping your leaves…can we hold on to this one….for it is so beautiful! Drop everything else except for this leave! Ridiculous isn’t it? Seasons change and so does everything else in the world. Really accepting that…….that is awareness! YOU can hold on to whatever …..it is only existing in your mind! as a person with memories and imagination.

Being aware, that you have become the person or the limited form of memory or imagination, is like taking a step back. “who am I at this moment?”

A limited entanglement of a person? A copycat of someones dream? do I feel this way at all? do I (whoever that is) need to become someone elses dream? What are dreams anyway except for “I want this” …..who?  is it clear that it is inside YOU.

At a certain point this energy will reach a point of no return as a person!

Being aware is that instinct that it is YOU….you have confused yourself as a person for something that was not shiny at all!

It just looked like it….a reflection of the mind.



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