Let go and trust

Love or Fear


Once you take the exit of your choice, every expression and interpretation and manifestation will unfold accordingly.

You can choose between LOVE and FEAR!

Just think about it for a minute……

Isn’t it natural that we would go for Love? Yes it is, but it seems that 99% of the time our choices have there roots in Fear.


We have been trained since kindergarden that we are separate from each other, while we come from a place were we are all one. So we naturally want to strive for oneness again!

So how does it work then on Earth? There is a system that needs to be fed with Money and in that system we need lot’s of participants to pump up the “Economy” a Money based system.

Let’s assume the system would give you what you need “feeling whole again”, even if it is for a second or hidden in a illusion (like many products will promise you), would there be a better way then to control our minds?!

Separate individuals: “how to fit in “”how to be successful in Life” ” how to do really well and stand out from the crowd!” Really think about this! doesn’t it come and go again! Next and next and next…..forget about it….dust of your clothes and next! Only to find out one day that things are not what they seem! They all have a beginning and an End. You get tired of it all!

The system will train you to be the best slave of society! and it all starts in school where your left side of the Brain gets stuffed with right and wrong answers, more dualism, more structure (or limitation of your creative abilities) You are not supposed to have your own opinion (bad) unless it strokes with what they thought you (good). It teaches us that there are wrong and right ways in behavior, all attached to your personality. So you are worthy or not.

You will learn how to Walk, Think, Talk, Act, Behave, Write, Read, Respond, and Survive in this World! You can even stand out and be the perfect example for all others to follow.

Do your best for there are lot’s of treats waiting for you: Money, a Career/Job, a House, a Car, lot’s of material items you can collect throughout your life and all kinds of products that will help you protect them like assurances, a sense of belonging and worthiness, certificates to proof you’re good, short breaks to enjoy yourself and all kind of products to upgrade yourself physically, remember it is a hard World and you have to stand out, show yourself! You want to look good don’t you? Alright so go to the Gym and trim those extra pounds off, feel good in certain clothes and shoes and brands particularly for it is part of your identity you know, get the latest hairstyle, perfume, gadgets etc. etc. etc.

Welcome you just chose the Exit of Fear!

Believe it or not but all of the above mentioned items are fear-based! they are short term illusions to make you feel whole somehow.

When you take the exit of Love

You are able to see yourself as whole! Inside you know that you exist! That there is something greater here within you that made this body inclusive organs during the nine months without you lifting one finger in that proces! without you imagine it or visualising it……it was just done! Everyone who watched a birth must be in Awww how mother nature takes care of everything.

There is no need to compete……there is LOVE

You are filled with compassion and where ever you look…. life itself  brings clarity to the perception of any personalitywisdom


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