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The thinking mind

Love or Fear


Once you take the exit of your choice, every expression and interpretation and manifestation will unfold accordingly.

You can choose between LOVE and FEAR!

Just think about it for a minute……

Isn’t it natural that we would go for Love? Yes it is, but it seems that 99% of the time our choices have there roots in Fear.


We have been trained since kindergarden that we are separate from each other, while we come from a place were we are all one. So we naturally want to strive for oneness again!

So how does it work then on Earth? There is a system that needs to be fed with Money and in that system we need lot’s of participants to pump up the “Economy” a Money based system.

Let’s assume the system would give you what you need “feeling whole again”, even if it is for a second or hidden in a illusion (like many products will promise you), would there be a better way then to control our minds?!

Separate individuals: “how to fit in “”how to be successful in Life” ” how to do really well and stand out from the crowd!” Really think about this! doesn’t it come and go again! Next and next and next…..forget about it….dust of your clothes and next! Only to find out one day that things are not what they seem! They all have a beginning and an End. You get tired of it all!

The system will train you to be the best slave of society! and it all starts in school where your left side of the Brain gets stuffed with right and wrong answers, more dualism, more structure (or limitation of your creative abilities) You are not supposed to have your own opinion (bad) unless it strokes with what they thought you (good). It teaches us that there are wrong and right ways in behavior, all attached to your personality. So you are worthy or not.

You will learn how to Walk, Think, Talk, Act, Behave, Write, Read, Respond, and Survive in this World! You can even stand out and be the perfect example for all others to follow.

Do your best for there are lot’s of treats waiting for you: Money, a Career/Job, a House, a Car, lot’s of material items you can collect throughout your life and all kinds of products that will help you protect them like assurances, a sense of belonging and worthiness, certificates to proof you’re good, short breaks to enjoy yourself and all kind of products to upgrade yourself physically, remember it is a hard World and you have to stand out, show yourself! You want to look good don’t you? Alright so go to the Gym and trim those extra pounds off, feel good in certain clothes and shoes and brands particularly for it is part of your identity you know, get the latest hairstyle, perfume, gadgets etc. etc. etc.

Welcome you just chose the Exit of Fear!

Believe it or not but all of the above mentioned items are fear-based! they are short term illusions to make you feel whole somehow.

When you take the exit of Love

You are able to see yourself as whole! Inside you know that you exist! That there is something greater here within you that made this body inclusive organs during the nine months without you lifting one finger in that proces! without you imagine it or visualising it……it was just done! Everyone who watched a birth must be in Awww how mother nature takes care of everything.

There is no need to compete……there is LOVE

You are filled with compassion and where ever you look…. life itself  brings clarity to the perception of any personalitywisdom


Awareness Gives Us the Choice of What to Experience

Awareness Gives Us the Choice of What to Experience

— Lees op celiaelaine.wordpress.com/2019/11/07/awareness-gives-us-the-choice-of-what-to-experience/

Reaching the point of no return

Overcoming what has been showed!

When you switch back and forward from being aware to being a person with limited beliefs and thoughts and emotions etc. You will reach a point of “no return”

NOW the person (that is holding on to this) might think he/she lost something valuable.

Awareness is just like it is! ” when you are aware you have seen it for what it is! It was there for showing you something that was deep inside hidden. A temptation maybe and here it goes. You are drawn to this emotion and “wanting” which is coming up to the surface….from the personality and nothing can hold you back anymore!

It is like you are walking on this beautiful road, the sun is shining and you have inner joy and you are aware of everything. Grateful to have distance inside of you. To be able to look at things and a deep knowing that everything is just fine. Pretending that everything is just fine…except for that thing closed…you are aware of that.

And then….the solution to open up comes in…..it began with a thought and people saying ” you need to open up? and it was believed for a little while” Awareness came that it was someones opinion. Inside I felt fine….and I dropped it!

Then another test is coming to see how strong (as a person) you really are to this temptation.

You are curious (the first sign of getting into a person mode) Inside you are aware of something being closed of! Then feelings and emotions are stirred and the person inside of you feels “Great and also confused” (a sign of being a person…in the limited form).

Being attached…..”mine!” Like scooping out water from a flowing river into a cup and hold it there! “not aware that the water becomes the cup”. It is like resisting the flow and change of things! Like saying to a tree “so it is fall and you are dropping your leaves…can we hold on to this one….for it is so beautiful! Drop everything else except for this leave! Ridiculous isn’t it? Seasons change and so does everything else in the world. Really accepting that…….that is awareness! YOU can hold on to whatever …..it is only existing in your mind! as a person with memories and imagination.

Being aware, that you have become the person or the limited form of memory or imagination, is like taking a step back. “who am I at this moment?”

A limited entanglement of a person? A copycat of someones dream? do I feel this way at all? do I (whoever that is) need to become someone elses dream? What are dreams anyway except for “I want this” …..who?  is it clear that it is inside YOU.

At a certain point this energy will reach a point of no return as a person!

Being aware is that instinct that it is YOU….you have confused yourself as a person for something that was not shiny at all!

It just looked like it….a reflection of the mind.



A talk between Heart and Mind

  • Mind: What is up with all this emotions? You let them past like clouds!
  • Heart: I do not know but I am feeling it….and it hurts so….there must be something true here?
  • Mind: it is all me doing it and I know what is attached there, so let’s not touch that!
  • Heart: but I have heard about releasing the pain and looking into that?
  • Mind: okay….how to say this? Don’t you see that it is a snapshot of all the experience in life you were collecting? Saying goodbye is never easy and it is a emotion attached to that topic you were thinking about! If it is a person or a situation you hold on to….you are thinking about it….right?
  • Mind: Thinking about it and having a constant focus on that…makes me (the mind) open up stuff (archiver) like emotions and feelings attachments and similar situations and down the rabbit hole you are! completely Identified!
  • Mind: because your wish is my comment I will do so accordingly! So if you visit me..(take things personally)…I will open with a big smile and say “come in?”if you do not! You moved on and grown out of this snapshot!
  • Heart: So this is all you? it is just a matter of recognising all these masks and roles I have played in life….they were snapshots? and what I called my lovingly self is also fake? OMG? it is the other side of the coin? one is mind and one is called Heart. but it is actually one and the same?
  • Mind: Yes…..Whenever you bring in past – present – future! It is me! collecting stuff and taking snapshots of everything! Once you are aware of me as a tool….a recourse to help you see this…..it will all fall into place and flow naturally (Not taking anything personal).


The EGO is very cunning and smart and it wants to be seen for what it is! Nothing personal…just a powerful tool! A tool that you have giving your power too.

The only question is……were you conscious of it?

Conscious by taking a step back and realising something really important!

YOU are aware of everything you are getting rid of!  See clearly we….humans….. all deal with this.

Emotions are like passing clouds! Accept fully without defeat that you (whoever you might be at this moment) are the one viewing all of this! you switch back and forward to the view where it is all passing (nothing personal here) to the person who is hurt!

Recognising that switch is a big step into alignment with the nature of you!



Find your true Nature in a World of conformity

Most Humans in the Western World today spend their whole life conforming to rules and structure from which masks and roles are made of

Throughout life a programm of patterns on how to behave and fit in the ideal system we live in. Their whole (created) identity depends on it. It determines how we think, act, react, feel and perceive the World presented to us. But there is a point in time where every one raises the question “what is this?  Is this all there is?” “Who am I really?” It can be difficult to define, feel and perceive the real “YOU”, your true Nature.

But it can be done! It takes a search underneath all those layers ( masks and roles) of created identities! Distance and look…..at the shapeshifter inside you!

Methods of search

What really defines YOU. Is it impuls driven “now I am hungry, so I am a hungry person” Now I am a funny person….see me laughing and having fun……now I am depressed because of you? shifting shapes….all of the time!

Nothing wrong whit that at all…..but see it and recognise the shapeshifter in you and it will no longer be a closed and defined as “YOU”

Nomatter what it is or on which path you go to search and explore….it is life!

Messages come through everything! In my case through reading books about awakening, search the Internet, attending conferences, listening to podcast and interviews, and look at interesting documentaries, Creating Art, Listening to music and Lyrics.

Like this song from Micheal Bublé called “Everything”

When you look at it from another perspective…..in this music video there is a display of roles in different shapes….but many faces and many masks. Some Are worth taking a picture of and some are strange……we all are “Everything”

Recognizing your true colours!

Recognize your Role

You can recognize the opposite experience when it comes from the trained mind and one of your (many) roles, behavior, your stories, your shaped personality, your separateness, your shaped character, your layers of beliefs.

We look at (for this example) the same thing and start to take it for granted, we label and categorize everything, A conversation, a person, a flower, that animal, a tree, this kind of music. Whatever you are thinking about and how that relates to your patterns is how you will perceive it.

Your mind takes over.  you are scanning the situation and behaviour in good and bad, the object, looking for words and explanation. Then you go ahead and say what came on your mind just now, you are making a point, acting smart, or perhaps not participating at all and thinking about that cup of coffee you are looking forward to in 10 minutes….everywhere but present!

The moment is captured by the mind and turned into something from the past or Future.


Like Yin and Yang, A Coin the up’s and down’s both approaches are part of what we call “Life” because we think that way…..because it seems that way….because we believe our thinking mind.


The theater of your life

Awaken to oneself is really taking a good look and a sober look to oneself.

The Theater we all create is marvellous and it can be scary at times. But taking a closer look is recognising that amount of attention and obsessive absorbtion we have on some area’s of what we call life-problems.

The mind I heard somebody say is like a clown….taking a deep bow in front of an audience while he was not visible in the play! It was the mind and it is believed.

And so….the audience called “you” is seated. looking at the play, knowing it is just a play and then…..off you go into the storie……by believing in it!

If a character behaves like you had in mind it is all okay….but if the character behaves differently it is not! forgetting that it is you focussing on that specific character and forgetting that it is only a play and that you are time travelling with your mind into that storie.

Now it is ridiculous to go up to that stage and reorganise those characters or to tell them the truth….in our mind…..”this is how things should play out?”

Ridiculous in a sense that you do not even recognise that you are taking control here!

To what are you taken control? good question!

if you just remain in the state of consciousness you will be seated or do something else and you trust that nothing is you and everything is you!

If you want real change…..then change the script you are writing! Don’t hammer yourself over the Head and do not define your focus and attention to things, people or situations that is only coming from your mind! Real or fake!

Let it be!


The end of suffering

The title is referring to really recognising that the end of suffering in the emotional sense is created by your own mind!

Everything that seemingly happens to us is done by either memories or imagination.   For the large part in life…nothing really happens!

Be brutally honest with yourself and do not demand it from somebody else!

It is our mind and wants, and demands, and form of control and protection and rules and regulations, norms etc. etc. that you have accumulated as “Truth” to which you stick! How many times does your own mind disregard simple things and phrases because it is not suitable now! You are mad, no pissed off! “At who?” “At a thought? oh I see you think it is you? not a accumulation of thoughts and opinions, conclusion… that you as a good child or student embraced very easily.

Well aren’t we all in this field together. Everyone to their own level of understanding? Billions of us! Nomatter keeping up the appearances on the outside?!

If you give your precious attention or focus to that specific subject…..you give it more importance, forgetting that you are sitting somewhere and really looking around you. Right here NOW.

Time Traveling with your Head. Believing that you have a problem that you must think about? Either because of “it needs a solution” or you think about it in a compulsive way “you are that….and you disregard where you are”

Albert Einstein said it clearly ” you cannot solve a problem with the same mind who caused it in the first place!”

YOU! With or without your consciously knowing of your thoughts? It is like a coin with two sides on one side everything is very good and too good to be true and on the other side there is drama and trouble! Take a distance and ……it is your mind….the emotional rollercoaster that certain things needs to be done a certain way! Fixed!

just leave the subject…..stop putting more and more attention into something that goes around and around in endless circles….and if it does not seem that way…..well WHO HAS THAT NATURAL INSTINCT to recognise the circles!


Know this and be Free

This is not Religious! It is way beyond it….way way way beyond it!
Mooji is reading letters from all over the World!
Listen…….Know this and be free.

My teachers in awakening

I know it has been a while since I wrote something on this blog.
But after my husband died in 2016, the urge to wake up was even greater.
The life I’ve lived before did not make any sense anymore!

So I listened to a playlist that I created years before again and again, not with my head, not intellectual understanding, but with my Heart! I went inside, was very quite and listened.
On my walks with my dog I listened to all kind of teachers in awakening through my I-phone.
Sometimes, grace hit upon me and guided me to the exact thing I need te listen to and then…….
all of a sudden it came to me…. As it can come to you too!

Just listen with your Heart. Really this is the most important thing you can discover!

Mental blocks part II

Mental blocks









6. That’s Not My Job

In an era of hyper-specialization, it’s those who happily explore completely unrelated areas of life and knowledge who best see that everything is related. This goes back to what ad man Carl Allysaid about creative persons—they want to be know-it-alls.

Sure, you’ve got to know the specialized stuff in your field, but if you view yourself as an explorerrather than a highly-specialized cog in the machine, you’ll run circles around the technical master in the success department.

7. Being a “Serious” Person

Most of what keeps us civilized boils down to conformity, consistency, shared values, and yes, thinking about things the same way everyone else does. There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, but if you can mentally accept that it’s actually nothing more than groupthink that helps a society function, you can then give yourself permission to turn everything that’s accepted upside down and shake out the illusions.

Leaders from Egyptian pharaohs to Chinese emperors and European royalty have consulted withfools, or court jesters, when faced with tough problems. The persona of the fool allowed the truth to be told, without the usual ramifications that might come with speaking blasphemy or challenging ingrained social conventions. Give yourself permission to be a fool and see things for what they really are.

8. Avoiding Ambiguity

We rationally realize that most every situation is ambiguous to some degree. And although dividing complex situations into black and white boxes can lead to disaster, we still do it. It’s an innate characteristic of human psychology to desire certainty, but it’s the creative thinker who rejects the false comfort of clarity when it’s not really appropriate.

Ambiguity is your friend if you’re looking to innovate. The fact that most people are uncomfortable exploring uncertainty gives you an advantage, as long as you can embrace ambiguity rather than run from it.

9. Being Wrong is Bad

We hate being wrong, and yet mistakes often teach us the most. Thomas Edison was wrong 1,800 times before getting the light bulb right. Edison’s greatest strength was that he was not afraid to be wrong.

The best thing we do is learn from our mistakes, but we have to free ourselves to make mistakes in the first place. Just try out your ideas and see what happens, take what you learn, and try something else. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen if I’m wrong? You’ll often find the benefits of being wrong greatly outweigh the ramifications.

10. I’m Not Creative

Denying your own creativity is like denying you’re a human being. We’re all limitlessly creative, but only to the extent that we realize that we create our own limits with the way we think. If you tell yourself you’re not creative, it becomes true. Stop that.

In that sense, awakening your own creativity is similar to the path reported by those who seek spiritual enlightenment. You’re already enlightened, just like you’re already creative, but you have to strip away all of your delusions before you can see it. Acknowledge that you’re inherently creative, and then start tearing down the other barriers you’ve allowed to be created in your mind.

This post was inspired by the book  “A Whack on the Side of the Head”, which is a wonderful primer for getting around mental blocks. I hope it helped you just as it expanded my way of thinking about creativity!?


Do you Recognize these Mental Blocks?

Mental blocks


Whether you’re trying to solve a tough problem, start a business, get attention for that business or write an interesting article, creative thinking is crucial. The process boils down to changing your perspective and seeing things differently than you currently do.

People (myself included) like to call this “thinking outside of the box,” which is the wrong way to look at it, as I found out.

Just like Neo needed to understand that “there is no spoon” in the film The Matrix, you need to realize “there is no box” to step outside of. You create your own imaginary boxes simply by living life and accepting certain things as “real” when they are just as illusory as the beliefs of a paranoid delusional. The difference is, enough people agree that certain man-made concepts are “real,” so you’re viewed as “normal.” This is good for society overall, but it’s that sort of unquestioning consensus that inhibits your natural creative abilities.

So, rather than looking for ways to inspire creativity, you should just realize (more…)

Let go the Identification of the mind


Throughout our lives since we are very young we form a self-identity. This is who we think we are which is partly based on our experiences and partly formed by our social environment – that is how people see us and interact with us.

We have a nexus of ‘evidence’ – images, memories, impressions, beliefs – that make up the mental profile we have of ourselves. A cumulative life-history that gives us a sense of self. It’s a long list full of “I am this, I know that, I have this, I love this, and I wish that”. I think you get the idea.

We attach these things to our own self. That is to say we identify ourselves with them. In other words, we identify ourselves with external things or partial and fleeting perceptions we have about our world and how we feel about it.

We don’t do this intentionally or with purpose. It is a default ‘program’ of the mind to (more…)

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