Let go and trust


What is it really……no not what you think it is! Not what you have been thought it is….

It is not what you feel it is….no not what you make it out to be….

It is A word with A meaning attached to this word! Think about it! Slowly!!!!

And it brings down emotions and feelings according to it’s program…..who’s program?

Your mind and you are believing it!

Whatever you focus on grows!

When you feel rejected next time….stop and pauze for A minute!Who is feeling rejected? Am I believing all of this! What is it telling me to do…..what exactually? Is it actual! Or is it A sensation….A feeling…..and is this who I am. Or is this who I Choose to become?!

It is what you have decided to become! “A rejected person”

Let that thought go…..let it all go….it is rubbish and it does not serve you at all.

Think about it differently…..think about it as A choice.

You and everybody have A choice…..it is either A yes or A no.

According to their filters and habbits and programmes. Which is different for everybody!

If you simply switch this word around to another word…..from rejection to A choice….

It allready feels better doesn’t it!

Now consider this……you can become everything in your mindseye what you have hoped for…..or you can simply be!

In your creation form A spermseed to A baby…..did you have to visualize yourself?

Did you have to pray or hope for “being A boy or A girl” No! Did you or anyone else have to put your organs in place? No! It was never so easy as being! Ever since we were Born we all of A sudden had to fight and become someone! It is a programme.

Words attached to meanings……believing everything our mind says and having all kinds of emotions and feelings attached to it……that is what we now have to unlearn.

This is not who we really are!

Rejection is A word……and on the opposite of it….there is love…..being love and wanting to give love! The opposite is very soft and nobel….it is love!

Are you willing to treat yourself that special gift….you wanted somebody else to have!

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